Pre-sell: From Menopause Chaos to Menopause Calm

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What to Expect in this Course

From Menopause Chaos to Menopause Calm

  • Hormones

    We will first look at the primary hormones we need to know more about. You will learn what they normally do and what happens when they aren't functioning anymore and why. We will then dive into the pharmacological options you have so you can make well-informed decisions about your health.

  • Stress and Sleep

    You will learn why you aren't sleeping and why you may feel more easily irritated. I will then show you many different strategies you can easily add to your life to help you sleep better and handle things like you used to.

  • Nutrition

    When our hormones are changing, so too do our dietary needs. You will learn what are the most important foods to eat as you travel through the menopause transition.

  • Exercise

    Have you wondered why you aren't gaining the same amount of muscle or losing fat as easily? We will dive into why this is happening and I'll teach you how to get the results you really want.

  • Pelvic Health

    Painful sexual penetration, vaginal dryness, prolapses and an increase in urinary infections are all too common during menopause. Learn why this is happening and find out the pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches to making this way better.